Musicians & Technology combining to give you the opportunity to access Classical Music in a totally new way.


Update: Due to the pandemic our concerts have sadly had to be suspended, somewhat frustrating as you might imagine. We are currently making music 'virtually' so here's something for you to listen to even if it isn't quite as 'live' as we might like. We call it our Cloud Corona Collection.

What do Cloud Classics do that's different?


Something has changed recently with Classical Music.


There has been a reported huge upturn in interest in 'classical music' by the under 35s.


So what's going on?


Possibly by accident, possibly out of curiosity, possibly because someone (or something) else made the selection. So a simple request to Alexa: "Play me some classical music" opens up a whole new world. And they are surprised by the result. They like it!

With 'live & virtual' CLOUD Classics picks up the idea of 'Classical Music' and give it a real twist. We change the 'rules', we challenge convention, we stretch the meaning of 'classical' by taking advantage of digital tools to completely refresh and enhance the classical music experience. So our programmes are much more varied than your typical string ensemble. Don't expect a concert programme of Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, or Mendelssohn. They are all great composers and we love them but we don't do them.  We want to speak out to a broader audience by doing things differently.


With virtual technology the CLOUDs can be whatever we want to be; LIVE, in any combination, and because of the technology; also virtual. This means that we can add and subtract instruments to create any Live or virtual formation. For example, a locally-based professional soprano Miriam Simpson-Moran, performs with us in this 'live and virtual' manner. Plus we fold in the medium of video into our performances which brings a whole new meaning to the 'classical music' experience.


A recent CLOUDs concert at the Tetbury Goods Shed Art Centre reached out to many different audience types.  There was a real feeling that delivering 'classical music' in this manner is the way forward. "It was brilliant" were the words many people used when they came up afterwards to congratulate Philippa Lowe and I on our solo performances. Philippa Lowe is a musician with a real passion for the LIVE & Virtual idea: Making the magic of classical music truly accessible.

So with a combination of live musicians and virtual technology The CLOUD Classics just plays beautiful and impressive music in a really unusual and exciting way. We play pieces we really enjoy and give audiences 'classical' music that they can really relate to and love.