Abagail's Violin Coaching Page

Next Lesson: 8th Sept


21 Still Reeling - 2nd back on A & E string - order of practice: Verse 3, Chrous then verse 1 or 2. Don't include the gliss until you are playing this very well. You also have the 2 videos to help you.


16 Thirsty Work - this working well now - use the video I recorded to help you.

The shift to the harmonic - you're very slightly under-reaching which is why it doesn't sound right. 


12 Country Gardens - remember this is about going from 1st on the E string to a flattened 4 on the A. Close your eyes to focus on body-learning.

14 Road To Donegal - you're getting the rhythm right but now make that 'break' in the swooshes - before doing this do the warmup at the bottom of the page. Loop bar 1 to get the hooked bowing working before starting the whole piece. (Use the eyes-closed technique for body learning)

And the main benefit? It's keeping your brain fit!

Check out - the movement of your body in relation to the bow movement - work towards keeping the violin still and only the bow moving.