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3rd position - Mexican Fiesta

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String-changing and slurred bowing:

Use this exercise to practise string crossing with slurs. You used it before to do string crossings without slurs. Now take them in pairs and slur them. Remember that your bowing action needs to be "Just Enough".


Add string-changing exercises to help improve the 'cleanness' of your playing. You can work with verse 2 of Still Reeling for this purpose.

Identify exactly where string-changing hesitations occur and make up mini-exercises to improve your bowing.

21 Still Reeling - 2nd back on A & E string - order of practice: Verse 3, Chrous then verse 1 or 2. Don't include the gliss until you are playing this very well. You also have the 2 videos to help you.


16 Thirsty Work - this working well now - use the video I recorded to help you.

The shift to the harmonic - you're very slightly under-reaching which is why it doesn't sound right. 


12 Country Gardens - remember this is about going from 1st on the E string to a flattened 4 on the A. Close your eyes to focus on body-learning.

14 Road To Donegal - you're getting the rhythm right but now make that 'break' in the swooshes - before doing this do the warmup at the bottom of the page. Loop bar 1 to get the hooked bowing working before starting the whole piece. (Use the eyes-closed technique for body learning)

And the main benefit? It's keeping your brain fit!

Check out - the movement of your body in relation to the bow movement - work towards keeping the violin still and only the bow moving.