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1. 2nd position study - continue (with the correct bowing).

2. Chanson - interim video for next lesson (12th May) - continue with this in the way we described - seeing the crotchet pairs as minims just separated by a small breath. Bow speed is important when over the finger board. Start to play the dynamics and remember it's a SAD song. We decided to have this ready for FINAL VIDEO by mid - June.

3. Continue Duo Mvt 1 - both parts - 2nd violin is a challenge. Invite your sister to join you on one of the parts.

4. Purcell Rondo - continue.

Six Duos for 2 Violins No 1 mvt 1.MP3
Rondo in D Minor (Backing)
Jupiter (Backing)
Vivaldi Spring (Backing Only)
Print (PDFs)
Chanson Triste.MP3