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"Cloud Classics" with Andrew Hodges

"Cloud Classics" music comes from the repertoire of Cirencester's "High Clouds".  The High Clouds are a group of four friends who mostly play the violin apart from one of us who also plays the viola.  A quartet of bowed string instruments is inevitable going to sound a bit 'classical' in style but in our case, we're classical with a very modern mindset.

We have given ourselves a lot of musical freedom. We take modern pop, for example, and reimagine it as if it were created 250 years ago. Also composers in the past might have written things differently had they known about 21st century technology, so for some 18th century composers we have given them a music video to go with their music. We even play a musical computer game live on stage! 


Andrew recomposes, rearranges and creates our music in such a way as to appeal to the many different  types of people who are now becoming much more attracted to the classical 'style' of music.  This new audience likes classical but wants something which speaks more directly to them.

Woven into the music Andrew chats about the musical issues of the day.

The Latest ...
"Cloud Classics - Keeping Warm & Carrying On"

Cloud Classics & Keeping Warm & Carrying On -  This is a winter like no other. Restrictions are in place to limit our use of power and everyone is being encouraged to burn coal despite its risks to the planet and our health.