Responding to Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic is, to say the least, both concerning and confusing. It is also causing much stress and anxiety.


As humans we are essentially social creatures. We enjoy being together. Playing music is fundamentally a communal activity. Learning and playing a musical instrument are ways of reducing anxiety, maintaining some form of social contact and keeping our sanity.


With Coronavirus we are concerned for ourselves and the wellbeing of our loved ones and that we don't infect them. They are most important to us and we want to keep them safe especially if they are frail or have underlying conditions. We should all therefore try to remain in accordance with the NHS guidelines.  

At the present time we are seeing adjustments to the lockdown rules. However it is quite clear that for some time to come indoor get-togethers will not be possible. Due to music being largely an indoor activity there is no room for complacency. Tuition and rehearsals cannot be performed safely. This situation is likely to be maintained for the rest of 2020. 


This means that at present only online lessons can be provided.


All group rehearsals including those of my beloved Cloud Ensemble sadly remain suspended for the foreseeable future.


As for me personally, as you will know, I take music making very seriously. It is a social activity, something which is part of the very nature of what it is to be human. For a while Coronavirus will change things but, my tuition and everything else I do creatively and musically will remain up and running. 

Here are the two online services I have set up:

For Beginners:

a complete course of FREE OF CHARGE video-based lessons with optional tuition.

For the more experienced:

Zoom violin lessons supported by video

with a vast library of mp3s for practice and enjoyment of playing during this period of lockdown.