Covid & Music:
In-person or Zoom?

Everyone wants to get back to in-person music but we all want to stay as safe as we can.

Thankfully the number of infections is at last falling. However Covid mitigations for my violin lessons will remain in place for a while longer until the infection numbers fall to much lower levels. Once infection levels reach this point only then can we consider the pandemic over and it might then be a good time to consider removing the mitigations.


To help us all stay safe please abide by the requirements indicated below.


  • Unless you are exempt, you will need to be fully vaccinated

  • Please take a lateral flow test prior to the lesson and report the result to me. Now that free lateral flow tests have unfortunately (and wrongly) been withdrawn if you are unable to source lateral flow tests please let me know well in advance of the lesson so that we can see what to do to keep us safe. LFT suppliers seem to be profiteering but I have found this site ( which prices them at £1.20 each. Please note that I am not an affiliate of this site.

  • If you or a member of your household experience any of the top 5 Covid-19 symptoms prior to the lesson the lesson will postponed until you are well. 


In the studio, these are the mitigations & conditions we have put in place:

  • Wash-basin at the entrance

  • Fan-assisted air flow

  • External ventilation

  • Ultraviolet cleaning

  • HEPA air filtration

  • Negative lateral flow test result

  • Every student commits to these standards

We can't make it 100% safe, nothing can, but according to all reputable advice this combination is about as good as it gets.


Returning to in-person lessons is possible in our studio because of the high degree of control we have with regard to safety. In-person at your home is clearly a possibility but only if it meets similar levels of safety and other members of your household have also been considered.

Top 5 Covid-19 Symptoms (April 2022)


Runny nose




Sore throat

Please note that the symptoms on the UK GOV Covid site are completely out-of-date. Their list has not been updated since the start of the pandemic.

If you or a member of your household experience any of the top 5 Covid-19 symptoms prior to the lesson, let me know and we can switch to Zoom.

Cancellation of Covid rules

Sadly the decision to remove all Covid restrictions is not fully informed by the science. Boris has his survival to consider so his decisions are not safe. Thankfully the latest indicators are showing a marked decrease. The chart below is based on the data from almost 5 million people who submit their data to the Zoe App and is the most up-to-date.