Covid & Music:
In-person or Zoom

Top 5 Covid-19 Symptoms (Sept/21)

  • Headache

  • Runny nose

  • Sneezing

  • Sore throat

  • Loss of smell

If you or a member of your household experience any of the top 5 Covid-19 symptoms prior to the lesson, let me know and we can switch to Zoom.

The coronavirus pandemic is, to say the least, both concerning and confusing, more so as a result of the government, unwisely, not continuing with at least some of the legal restrictions.  You will no doubt be seeing many instances of people not wearing masks when perhaps they should. There is a greater possibility that you could be in close proximity to an unvaccinated person. Case numbers in the Cotswold are, surprisingly, very high perhaps as a result of the recent tourist influx.


As humans we are essentially social creatures. We enjoy being together. Playing music is fundamentally a communal activity. Learning and playing a musical instrument are ways of reducing anxiety, maintaining some form of social contact and keeping our sanity. We all hope that soon we can return to this pre-pandemic normal. 


During the pandemic I have taught exclusively via Zoom. At some point however, Covid will no longer be the threat it once was, however at present switching back to 'in-person' will be a matter of judgement. To help you with this, these are the precautions we have put in place in the studio:

  • HEPA air filtration

  • Fans to assist air flow

  • Through-ventilation

  • Ultraviolet cleaning

  • Wash-basin at the entrance

  • Separate entrance

We can't make it 100% safe, nothing can, but according to all reputable advice this combination is about as good as it gets.


You will need to be double vaccinated, perform the recommended lateral flow tests and be following medical advice. If you or a member of your household experience any of the top 5 Covid-19 symptoms prior to the lesson we will switch to Zoom (see green box).  

So there is a possibility of returning to in-person lessons but only in my studio because of the high degree of control we have with regard to safety. In-person at your home is clearly a possibility but only if it meets similar levels of safety and other members of your household are considered.

Currently if you feel that Zoom is your preference then you can, of course, continue on-line.