Covid-19: In-Person Lessons

Updated: 30th July 2020

Face-to-face lessons are not possible yet, but at some point in the future the pandemic may show clear signs of waning and the risk to health may be significantly reduced. In the coming Autumn term some schools and colleges are likely to offer face-to-face musical instrument lessons (with sufficient mitigations, I hope). However it should be remembered that coronavirus is still endemic within the community. Community transmission is of great concern. The risk of infection remains high. Therefore as violin lessons over Zoom are working very well indeed, it would seem the most sensible thing to do to continue with this for the next period of time.


When the circumstances change it may be possible to restart lessons in-person. However it will be important to maintain a level of hygiene  to ensure everyone stays healthy. 


This link provides more details as to how and when we may approach this stage in the pandemic's progress.

If in-person lessons are to happen safely please ensure that you have read and understood these notes. In the event that face-to-face lessons recommence you are agreeing to the conditions below:

  • If either of us discover we have symptoms of COVID-19 or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days the lesson will be cancelled with immediate effect.  We will endeavour to notify each other as soon as possible. Short-notice cancellation conditions due to these circumstances will not be applied (see ts & cs).

  • If either of us develop symptoms and test positive after the lesson it is essential that we communicate with each other as soon as possible

  • The room in which the lesson takes place is well-ventilated and is large enough to accommodate social distancing for two people.

  • We will only greet each other at a distance.

  • Please bring your own music, music stand and other equipment.

  • If I am providing the music it will be emailed to the student for the student to print.

  • We will avoid facing each other as much as reasonably possible. Alternatively facemasks could be considered.

  • Music stands need to be positioned in such a manner as to allow for greater than 2 metres social distancing. 

  • Students must wash their hands for at least 20 seconds at the beginning and end of the lesson and whenever you think your hands may have become contaminated.

  • Soap and water are available at the entrance to the house.

  • Single-use hand paper towels are available for drying hands. A no-touch bin is available under the sink.

  • The teaching room will be disinfected using ultraviolet/ozone technology prior to the commencement of the lesson.

  • Other commonly touched surfaces and any shared items will be cleaned and disinfected after use.

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