The Cloud Ensemble Needs A Guest Cellist...

The Cloud Ensemble has had to go completely virtual because of the impact of the coronavirus. It means that we can't get together for the foreseeable future to rehearse or perform. In the meantime we are attempting to create a series of videos of our repertoire. Unfortunately due to our cellist being unavailable, we are unable to complete these.


Would you like to help? We have a substantial repertoire so even if you can only help with some of them we would be enormously grateful. In the longer term there may be a possibility of acting as Guest Solo Cellist. Our Guest Soloists have pieces arranged especially for them. So if this also interests you... ... ...?

If you've read any of the other pages on this website you will have an idea of how The Cloud Ensemble is different.  In a nutshell, we perform in a classical style but we don't do the usual classical repertoire. So although we love Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven and the others we just don't do them. We leave that to other string ensembles to do.


What we do is take 20th & 21st century pop music and turn it into classical music. We also play Baroque music but rather differently from what you might expect. So what might Vivaldi accompanied by drone video imagery be like? We have even played a computer game in a concert programme.

As you can see our repertoire is designed principally to speak to a much broader audience than is usual in a 'classical' concert. Andrew Hodges, our director & leader recomposes, rearranges and creates our music in a classical style to appeal to the many different  types of people who are now becoming much more attracted to the classical 'style' of music.

For some musicians virtual performance has much merit. For The Cloud Ensemble we are using it to help sustain each other through the crisis. Virtual also provides support for much needed practice to improve our performance level. Video also makes it possible for us all to 'keep our hand in' until the time comes for us to perform our first post-Covid concert. By coincidence, we can be grateful that the Cloud's musical byline is "real and virtual", so we can continue to work on the video performances until things become materially safer.

If you are interested do get in touch with Andrew who can tell you more about what's involved. You can use the form on this page or text, call or email, whichever suits you best. The contact info is in the footer of this page.

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