Jan's 70th Birthday "The Movie" -

Sunday 8th August

Hi Everyone,

The last year or so has been one of the most difficult times anyone can remember. It's particularly difficult because of lockdowns, cancelling/changing travel plans, social distancing etc. etc.  So trying to organise a big 'O' birthday celebration for Jan has been impossible.

Instead thanks to all your videoing skills we've got together a 'Family & Friends' movie which will have its premier at 10.00 am UK summer time on Sunday 8th August at our Zoom gathering..


I'll be sending out the Zoom invite links to you on Saturday, the day before her birthday. Look out for a posting on WhatsApp if that's the way I normally communicate with you. From experience though these invites are best emailed as well so they'll be sent out both ways. Now, I only have the free Zoom account so my 'meetings are limited to 40 minutes so don't be late. I'll have Zoom going 15 minutes before so you can get connected.  I am hoping to surprise Jan so the beginning might be somewhat improvised, shall we say. I think she's guessed that I am up to something but she has no idea what we've done.

10.00am - BST
11.00am - EUST
7.00pm - OZ time
Too Early! - USA time! (sorry!)

All For Website.jpg
Just A Still from THE MOVIE to whet you appetite but keep you in suspense