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Lesson Notes

Next lesson (11/5)

1. Double stopping Studies - continue

Pages 8 & 9 - 3rds and 6ths - as before practise SLOWLY in order to listen to the intervals - don't just 'accept' whatever comes - these studies are not musically 'interesting'. They are for you to really HEAR.

2. Mozart Duo Mvt 2  - continue - focus on what come up in the lesson (4/5)

3. Vivaldi 3rd movement of Spring - continue - focus on what come up in the lesson (4/5). We are aiming for a result by perhaps end of May.

4. Beethoven Romance in G -  compare your edition with the one in your Dropbox folder.

5. Researching your list of favourite pieces (see below) - links to possible Youtube accompaniments. Note that I am unable to find an online accompaniment for the Mendelssohn.

6. Tchaikovsky - in the pipeline to do when ready.


Latest Performance Review


Vivaldi "Spring" Mvt 1 - Very well played - Bird Song Section: beautifully rendered, a real sense of communication, the "breeze in the fountain" section I really could see the movement of the wind. The sudden clap of "Thunder!" - the contrast was brilliantly pulled off. Triplet arpeggio's were very well played (and in time!)

Issues: Intonation - was your E string a fraction flat? - First lightening scale the top B was sharp. At the end you seemed to lose concentration slightly.

OVERALL: This really worked - Well Done!

Audio Tracks

Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto 2nd mvt acco
Op 70 No 5 Mvt 3 Vln 1 Mozart.MP3
4 Seasons Mvt 1 SLOWER (123)
4 Seasons Mvt 1 (123).MP3
4 Seasons Mvt 2.MP3
4 Seasons Mvt 3.MP3
Beethoven Romance No 2 in F (Accomp) (So

Record Of Achievement

Beethoven Romance in F No. 2

Vivaldi "Spring" Violin Concerto - 1st Movement

"Thais Meditation" Massenet - 20th November 2020

Double Violin Concerto: 3rd Movement J S Bach - 8th November 2020