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Uploading Video Files Via Skype

Skype allows videos to be sent up to 300Mb in size which makes it a useful size for our purposes.

If you haven't got a Skype account you'll need one. My Skype account name is andrew.hodges1, so once you've opened up Skype you'll need to connect with me and I'll need to acknowledge you. Then we're connected.

When you're video is complete be certain you know which folder you video is in on the device you will use for sending. Make sure that the Skype app is installed on this device.

With Skype open, use search to find andrew.hodges1 in your contacts. At the bottom of the main screen you will see the image below. Just click the icon to the right of where you type a message. It will open up a window for you to go find your video file. Click on the file. Click "Open" and the process starts. If your file is bigger than 300Mb it won't start. (And we'll have to find another way!)

Skype Uploads.jpg

Click this button

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