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Setting Up ZOOM for Musicians (Version 5.2.2 or above)

Follow steps 1 to 7 below (This is for PC. Other systems will vary). 

Zoom for Apple products is here. Zoom for Android is here.


1. Click on your Zoom Icon and look for the cog wheel (top right)


2. Click on "Check for Updates" - you may be told you have the latest version or Zoom will update to 5.2.2 which has the 'music' settings.


3. Next Click on (or return to) "Settings"


4. Click on Audio

zoom advanced.jpg

5. Untick "Automatically adjust volume" and set it yourself (click "Test Mic", listen to the results, then adjust the slider)

6. Find 'Advanced' (bottom right) and click on it.

7. In "Advanced" make sure you click "Show in-meeting option to Enable Original Sound...", "Disable echo cancellation" if you normally use headphones and "High fidelity music mode".  The ticks should go blue as shown below. If you don't use headphones then experiment with "Disable echo cancellation". Some set ups are fine but sometimes not. After you've done this close everything up.  

high fidelity.jpg

Finally - when you start your meeting or are admitted you will see at the top left "Turn On/Off Original Sound" (if you don't see it click into the Zoom screen and all the controls will appear). If it says "Turn on..." click it. If you're in a meeting and not a music lesson then if it says "Turn off..." then click it.

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